CAROLINA (ounce) wrote,

im not insane

It's so weird, I've been having dreams where I kill people... well two dreams specifically that I remember. And I just remembered having a dream where I was telling my dad about the dreams. The past few nights or something I've had two different dreams in which I killed these two women... They were SO fucking real that I remember thinking IN the dream how much I wished it could just be a dream, but I had no hope of it... Way different from the other dream I had like a week ago where me and Jenna were getting killed. THAT totally felt like a dream. Me and Jenna were being shot by this gang of people, and we were both bleeding slowly to death and the whole thing felt so fucked up that I was saying to Jenna "this is a dream right? you feel like that too, right? this can't be real..." although I couldn't control the dream, there was like kind of an easy feeling underneath the scared for my LIFE feeling... I was dying... We were hiding in some nasty shower stalls and then this lady comes and tries to tell us that the whole thing was a joke, it was fucked, we were still bleeding to death though... but anyways, the dreams where I killed these people felt completely fucking real like they were nightmares, because it wasn't like violent or anything, but I just ended up killing this lady for some reason (lmao that sounds funny...) and then I was FREAKING out over whether I was gona turn myself in or try to cover it up... It was too scary. I don't think it was a recurring dream, I THINK it was two different dreams two different women that I killed. But I'm not sure cause I can never remember my dreams that well, only pieces... But I'm seriously so fucking glad those were dreams. I couldn't have been any more scared than I felt in the dreams  if they were real.
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